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Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

Overall presentation

Delft University of Technology is the oldest technical university in the Netherlands. It provides high-quality education and research in a wide range of engineering disciplines, like electrical and materials engineering.

TU Delft cooperates with many other educational and research institutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The high quality of our research and teaching is renowned. TU Delft has numerous contacts with governments, trade associations, consultancies, industry and small and medium-sized companies.


The Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) group of TUDelft will be in charge of the design of optimal modulated surface-texture and glass embossing process using modelling (WP1) and will participate to the implementation of modulated structure on thin-film silicon solar cells (WP5).

Further information

The PVMD group of TUDelft is the largest university group of the Netherlands dealing with PV technologies. The focus of the group is on photovoltaic materials (both absorbers and supporting layers), silicon solar cells processing (both thin-film 

and wafer-based), opto-electrical modelling and PV systems demonstrators. Throughout its activity, the group pioneered several concepts linked to material properties and light management, like the nano-structured description of amorphous or nano-crystalline silicon and their alloys, the accurate opto-electrical modelling, the surface texture modulation for enhanced light scattering and the quadruple junction cell for the ultimate utilization of the solar spectrum. PVMD group is equipped with clean room facilities, several measurement setups and efficient software platforms for the complete design, fabrication and characterization of solar cells.